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Sin City Spins: Spinning Old School Punk and Hardcore
Dennis Bulletbrains hails from Las Vegas where he has been a resident since 1993. His interest in music was forged in the mid 70's in Orange County California. As a teen he had the typical suburban teen musical interests and attended many of the arena rock concerts of the day and enjoyed the party and  cameraderie that came with it. But his real interest was in music not played by the mainstream FM radio music outlets and felt that the best music was not being heard. A fan of progressive rock and experimental music sowed the seeds for what.was about to come. After a friend introduced him in 1979 to Bands like The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and an LP called Beach Blvd he was convinced that something was happening and wanted to be part of it. In the following years he could be seen regularly at The Cuckoos Nest, The Whisky, Godzillas,Cathay De Grande and many other clubs and backyards too numerous to list. Currently a working class punk, bachelor, and enemy of the status quo.

"Sick Boys Radio Show"

The Sick Boys Radio Show
Sick Boys Radio started in the summer of 2013 in San Clemente California when Dar B Kaos and Nordy from a Southern California band named Dr. Bobs Nightmare started a podcast with the goal of getting local bands heard. It quickly evolved into the world of internet radio and 
they now spin underground music worldwide including Hardcore Punk old and new, Oi!, Ska and even some eclectic folk. Sick Boys Radio can be heard every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 12 Noon Pacific , 2 PM Central and  3PM Eastern.  Recurring guests include Brett the Groady the Roadie and Deaner the Beaner for some occasional commentary and banter, Sick Boys Style.

"Alternate  Frequency"