HOSTED BY THE ALWAYS
                  DESPICABLE, DYSFUNCTIONAL, & deeply disturbed
                                       Starsky da prick

  from the marshlands and cornfield's of central Illinois crawls this foul mouthed Creature that is duct taped and tied together with hay bale twine, covered in blood and fulton county mud. this rotten bastard has a whole lot of fuck you, piss & vinegar flowin' in his cold hearted soul..not only does this prick have a chip on his shoulder but he always has the perfect taste of music to fuel his fire..street punk,hardcore, and oi expect the unexpected and remember you've been warned...if you have virgin ears this aint the show for go fack yaself ya fackin' fack's before he fackin' shoves a boot up your pissin' hole ya fackin' maggots...and don't forget yer coupon at the bottom of the page!!!